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Rusanov's Gardens

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Rusanov's Gardens |

In Kyiv there are Rusanov鈥檚 Gardens near my house. This is such a special place, a private sector, lines from small summer cottages of Soviet construction, without any communications in such as heating and toilet, only electricity. The peculiarity of this place as a whole is that it is located between the railway and the dam and was originally intended as a temporary building, until the metro bridge was held in this place. It is located in the damp valley and earlier it was a beautiful place with many gardens with fruit trees, which is clear by name. Its peculiarity for me is that literally every weekend in the summer from early childhood I spent there. And even some time before my birth. I was born in the middle of summer and literally, on the 9th month of pregnancy, my mother still went there with dad for fishing. Every time my mother caught a fish, she squealed with joy, bringing dad to a swoon, because each time he thought that my mother began to give birth. In that place, I first learned to swim and dive. On my birthday we went there with the whole family to barbecue. We went to the beach and each time we collected a whole bag of wild apples, cherries or apricots, making delicious compotes from them and conserving them for the winter. And once, we found a huge number of mushrooms and collected them for several hours in between bathing. Often, people with tents come there for the whole weekend and rest. I did not value it then. It was always long and hot for me to go there, it was not particularly pleasant to swim because of algae and thorns, you were always bitten to the bones of mosquitoes. But now, looking back on the pre-war past, I am glad that I know about this place. Rusanov's Gardens can be considered a kind of reserve, where birds of the Red Book nested and foxes were found, crossing the ice in the winter from Trukhanov Island. My parents love this place very much. This is their little paradise even after 30 years of marriage. And although I always wanted the bridge to be built and the opening of the metro in my area, I never wanted to destroy these unique places. And now it is scary to go to this place due to the possibility of mining and it will pass for decades while it becomes safe. I don鈥檛 know if my parents will live up to this point, but, among other things, the war took away the most important thing from us - nature and the opportunity to rest safely and carefree. It has taken away the future in our homes and life was divided into before and after February 24, 2022. War is ruthless and destroys everything that you love. And we all know WHO is to blame for this.

YellowBlueSky 2022-08-09


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