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November |

Do you remember when we first met?

Of course you don't.

It was this warm and bright spring day.

When our eyes met, I knew it was you. It's always been you.

Your eyes had the depth of the storm that was raging on inside you, you were always like this, weren't you?

You, you were always this warm, like the first day of Spring.

I loved your warmth and your embrace, didn’t I?

Of course I did.

Do you remember our first touch?

Of course you don’t.

It was hot, like the first day of summer.

I remember you were always like that.

There was always this fire in you, which you were never able to control.

Never guessed it could burn us down someday.

Hot, uncontrolled but still loving- Still

I loved your warmth the most, didn’t I?

Of course I did.

Do you know why?

Of course you don’t.

It was cold, my heart and I liked it.

I thought it would always stay this way, til you-

til you touched my heart, it started to melt.

Melt away for you- only you – did you know that? You didn’t.

For the first time in forever I felt warm.

I fell in love with you, didn’t I?

Of course I did.

But you know what they say.

Don’t play with fire or else you’ll get burned.

I wish I would’ve listened earlier.

But what can I say, after all this time, I finally felt something. I wasn’t ready to let you go… yet.

I guess I was okay with getting burned as long as it's with you.

Wasn't I? - I was.

You got used to it too, didn’t you?

Me being cold as Ice and you hot as Fire.

Foolish to think that we would be-

That we ever could be…

You hated the cold and, well, after some time, I hated the warmth- It frightened me.

You know why.

So I guess you discovered that November wasn’t for you as well as I knew that August was never meant for me.

We always knew it, didn’t we?

We did.

© thewriter 2022-07-15


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