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My Dear Old Fear - Note to Self, Pt. I

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My Dear Old Fear - Note to Self, Pt. I |

My dear old fear,

Why are you still here?

Why can‘t you just leave?

This time without the keys!

Don‘t come back begging on your knees,

Cause i won‘t let you in!

Even though i will

As i love you still

Addictive like nicotine,

Feeding my brain with dopamine!

My dear old fear,

I see you‘re happy here,

Serving misery everywhere!

You make saints sin

Grown men scream,

And women weep!

You leave when i expect the least,

And return when i seek peace

You‘re nothing but a thief

Yes, a thief of time!

But the leap of faith in my mind

Tells me that the sun will shine.

As told by the Einzelgänger,

Terence M. Fung

Stay Inspired.

© Terence 2022-07-26


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