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sea you soon

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sea you soon |

It all started with a girl that decided to go on vacation by herself. Her name is Laura.

The destination was the sea. She packed her clothes and accessories and turned the car on. 5 hours later she arrived.

The hotel was clean and beautiful, with an amazing view. She couldn't wait to explore the new city later tonight. First things first, Laura took a minute to rest on the bed then put on her swimsuit and headed to the beach. It was so packed and overwhelming. Laura laid her towel down and took off her clothes. She was looking around-exploring the waves and all the people that she was sharing the beach with. “What a mystery-every person and every water drop.”

The weather was really hot. The sand was burning through her feet, so she decided to go into the water to cool down. It was definitely better. Laura was swimming when a big wave appeared faster than expected, so she was underwater before she could hold her breath. Seconds later, two strong arms held her above the water, and even though she got blurry vision she saw a beautiful man with a worried face and deep black eyes. Oh God, these eyes. Laura was still shocked by the wave attack so she couldn't even ask him for his name, neither she could say thanks. He saw that she was okay, so he left quickly. All she knew about him at that point was that his eyes were the eyes of a savior.

For the rest of the day, she couldn't stop thinking about him. She tried to find his eyes in the crowd but the mission failed. The real question was why she wanted to see him so bad-she knew she wouldn't go and talk to him. Was it because she just wanted to see his face clear or maybe it was first-sight love? Anyways, the daylight was slowly fading away, so Laura grabbed her towel and went to her hotel room. Took a shower and started to plan her night. A nice restaurant, a nice drink, a nice meal, a nice dress…a nice boy. The mysterious lad was still in her mind. She found a restaurant near her hotel and booked a table for one. She made herself look really nice just in case. Just in case his eyes are in the crowd tonight.

Laura did her hair and her make-up, on her little green outfit, got some extra confidence, and left. First stop-the restaurant. It looked luxurious on the outside so she felt like a celebrity. Took a deep breath and entered. Oh wow! Everything was perfect. Her table was right next to the window so she could keep an eye on the strangers on the street.

-"What do u want to order,miss?"

-May I have spaghetti Bolognese and a glass of wine, please?

Just like the decoration the food was perfect as well. Laura finished her meal quick because she was really hungry. The wine made her tipsy and encouraged her to explore the night life in this city. She left the restaurant and went to the first club that she saw.

A dark place, cigarette smoke was the main scent that you could smell, and drunk people were everywhere. She was ready to leave because she wasn't impressed and this wasn't what she expected… until she saw the DJ. Dark place but his eyes were darker. And familiar.

© teddiee 2022-08-14


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