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Echo of love

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Echo of love |

Writing about blue eyes that you sink into seems hackneyed to me.

So I'll write about how he closes his eyes. When he falls tiredly on the bed next to me and hooks his leg in mine. When we watch horror movies, he buries his head on my shoulder. When he leans his forehead against mine and his fingers crumple the fabric of my T-shirt.

It's the moments when he seems so human and pure to me, so vulnerable and true. When he closes his eyes, he confides in me. His breathing becomes calm, his muscles relaxed.

There are moments when we have heated discussions or even arguments, and then the blue of his eyes stings like ice through my heart. In these moments, I think of him closing his eyes, sinking into perfection.

The trust that he gives me seems sacred to me. Like the statues standing in church, with lowered eyelids and folded hands. I accept the gift, guarding it like my eyeballs. Even more - I give it back to him. So I lay down next to him, my ear pressed to his chest, to hear his heartbeat.

I close my eyes.

© Sophie Haller 2022-08-18


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