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Let's feel what no one else can see

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Let's feel what no one else can see |

Even though they were engaging in the conversation, no one really got the depth of this topic… well, except from him. I could sense it, I could see it in his eyes, I could feel it in a way it caused my body to tremble.

There's no way this is actually just happening.

As he kept going and focused on me, it seemed like the whole world vanished -

I know it's common to say that one's eyes are the windows to their soul - BUT have you ever experienced it? Have you ever just stared at one's eyes and simply knew you know them (on a much deeper and more complex level)?

The thing is, people lie, words may be misconceived, information may be expressed incorrectly… but energy doesn't lie, the eyes can't either…

He just knew how to make me laugh, how to impress me, how to inspire me.

Merely unexplainable how his presence alone could change anything. Each and every wall I have carefully built throughout my life, just crumbled down. I was standing there naked. And never felt better.

© Sandra-btw 2022-06-03


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