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Mysteries of the castle beyond

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Mysteries of the castle beyond |

It was a cold , twisted Friday afternoon. School has ended and all hopes are down. Nobody's happy, so I might try to cheer up the mood . “ Hey”, I whispered to my friend, “ Do you wanna go to the coffee shop after this?”

“Why would I? There's nothing to do, nobody's happy .” She groaned.

I thought to myself , Nobody's happy, this town is hopeless, so let's do something fun.

“Hey” I whispered again.

“What? I already said I don't wanna go to the coffee shop?" “No, not that , something else. "

“Like what?”

“You know that massive house on the hill ?”

“Yeah, what about it ?”

“ Wanna prank their house?" There was a long pause and her eyes widened.

“W-what that house ?” Her hands were shaking as she pointed towards a dark , gloomy house .

“Heck yeah!Think about it , it would be super fun ! "

She glanced at me. “ But we don't even know who lives there ? ”

“ Well, isn't that the point?”

It took her a second to think “ Under one circumstance. ”

I nodded “ Whatever you need.”

“If this doesn't go as planned , you take the blame .”

“ Hmm ” I thought to myself. “Fine , I'll take the blame then. ”

“Okay then," She said as she pulled out her hand .There was silence “ So, we're not gonna shake hands?”

“No , let's shake hands ."I pulled out my hands and we made the deal.

“Okay , you get the toilet paper rolls and I will get butter ” I explained.

“Okay, wait, what's the butter for?”“Well, if there is someone living there , I will place the butter outside their door and once they go outside to check, they will slip!”

“Alright , but as I said before, your taking the blame ."

“I know ,I know" I groaned

“Okay, go on, go get your butter. ” she said.

“Okay, and you go get your toilet paper rolls ”

“Meet at the house at 5:00pm sharp. I don't wanna be waiting in front of that house alone .”

“Don't worry, I'll be quick.” As I was walking towards the local shop I noticed a man with his hood down piercing his eyes on me . “What's your problem?!" I questioned, trying to be brave.

“Nothing , carry on walking. ”

so I did. As I arrived at the shop, I saw the same man peering his eyes on me.I got scared, so I quickly got the butter, ran outside, jumped on my bike , cycled up the hill and didn't look back .

I arrived on the hill early to see the man again , differently , with his hood down and a daunting smile . I quickly rode as fast as I could down the hill to see my friend going up there . I stopped. “ Get on the back of my bike , now!”

“geez, why? I thought we were doing the prank, or are you too scared?”

“NOW!” I shouted.

“Chill out , I'm getting on ."As soon as she was on, I rode down the hill like there was no tomorrow.

© Rheem Toujani 2023-02-14


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