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The sound of woods

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Walking through the forest, I looked around. Nothing special to be found: same old leaves hanging down from the branches of the tall trees, cold air rushing right into my face, as if giving its greetings, and the heavy boots hitting firm wet ground, followed by a chugging sound. I stopped. Breathing in the scent, of wet with a bit of rain, air I looked around. Still nothing to be found. As I kept on walking, dearly hoping to see something or even someone special in this forest. However isn't it impossible? Yet I kept walking in a search for unexpected, something mystical. ‘I know you live here!’ – Why am I screaming? - ‘Come out! Show yourself!’ Sounds like a pray, huh? Besides it's useless, WHAT WAS THAT? I quickly turned to the left where the weird sound came from. It must be something big… The rustling of leaves continued, meaning that someone was moving my way. Ok, now I have to act quick. So still scared I pulled out a phone from one of the pockets' of my jeans, and opened the camera app. Just one shot and I'll run. I stepped behind the nearest tree, hiding, and kept waiting.

Suddenly, a large creature jumps out of the bushes, it's roar, I could had sworn, shaking the ground with everything in and on it. Startled, I looked from my hiding spot and saw nothing…. Wait what? For some reason I felt the warmth behind my back, so I turned around…

© Marys_uwu 2022-08-02


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