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A few words about ADHD

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A few words about ADHD |

One thing i need to say. Fuck your adhd. Every single video about adhd shared on instagram since ever was exactly describing my life as well. The life of everyone else looks exactly like yours. You're wasting too much time with overthinking and then every task gets accumulated and falls down on you at once? And you finally do it in a fraction of the time and you fuck up real bad at it because you're so overwhelmed? Thats normal. And that happens to me too. So often.

But what differs from us is that you use adhd as an excuse. Doctors gave you permission to allow yourself to say; its okay, i can fuck it up, i have adhd.

That way of dealing with it is in general not wrong. And you might have a stronger expression of this hasty and unorganised behavior. But what is very wrong in the end: you dont come up with a solution. You are always fully excused by your "sickness". And that's holding you off from enhancing.

How about you say next time:

"Oh, now I've approached the situation a bit clumsily. I was completely over the top beforehand, and to a certain extent that's okay because I have adhd - I TEND TO SUCH THINGS - but I actually see what I did wrong and I see myself in a position to approach it a little differently and more thoughtfully next time."

- Forgive yourself. Give yourself chances. Everyone fails more often when they try something. Mistakes are okay. Just don't stop believing in improvement on your part and don't put the blame on definitions like sicknesses that dictate your life. How are you supposed to heal when you always excuse yourself with your sickness? You heal when you believe in change.

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