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2500 characters

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2500 characters. Not more and not less. Someone I know is on this odd virtual stage here. 2500 characters. I follow and I obey. For this odd virtual stage defines the rules and I play the game.

2500 characters. Not more and not less. 1434 remain, so what else should I say?

As I watched the mist move above my head into the night, satisfied with the work that my creating hands did during the day, I found my mind calm and clear, ready to share. Dear Reader, thank you for your precious time and that you care.

1287 characters now. I “google” the number and wonder if there is a mountain that high. I think in meters and look there, one I have found. Brumley Moutain. Someone captured parts of the path that leads to its peak. I look for pictures and I find lush, green forests and even ravines. My eyes see chasms, formed by giant rocks that are home to mosses and trees whose roots embrace them. Their world appears at ease.

I will stop with this rhyming slang now. It's time for me to speak my mind. The world is so incredibly large, but when I talk about it, I turn it mistakenly into a narrow place. What I think of the world, what you think of the world or what our screens conduct, so that we eventually create an image of the world, is not the world for all the other millions and millions of souls. However, the world that you and I currently share is different than it was before. It shall not necessarily be a bad thing, but the difference I see I need to point out.

So here I go:

This division of people who are for and anti vaccines scares me. It scares me that people who would never want to get the vaccine, seriously believe that rich people want to kill them and that their brothers and sisters who got the vaccine are sheep and obedient to evil powers. And it scares me that people who are vaccinated, consider people who are not vaccinated as a threat, or see them as ignorant fellows, though their vaccines should protect them from what others might carry.

Divide and conquer. This is how it appears to me. And I am not able to strongly defend a personal position on all of that, because I don't have one. Something so powerful like a pandemic virus is just like a tornado or an earthquake. I believe that as humans we cannot be in control of something that is so mighty.

What if there was no one or nothing to blame?

I don't know my dear friends. These are challenging times for our Western World.

May we, as a human kind, find a way to live in peace within ourselves, live in peace together and therefore in peace with nature.

And with that, 2062 characters were born. That is enough for now, I suppose.This odd virtual stage requires boxes to be chosen, so I can squeeze my lines into them. I do not like to label what I have just shared. But that's the rule and I play the game.PS: May the colors of fall remind you of the world that is beautiful, just like the world within you.

© Lil Vi 2021-09-16


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