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stay aloft

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stay aloft |

For the uninitiated reader, this story may need a brief introduction: the ‘fuel to noise converter’ mentioned here is an airplane engine. It sucks in air and fuel at the front end and turns it into a hellish noise at the back end.

The flight report states short and sharp:

“The fuel to noise converter does not start”

The aviator's manual leaves the pilot high and dry

Under “Restrictions” it reads: “If the aircraft makes no noise, it will not fly”

The crux of the matter, in plain text spelled

It is that all aircraft are noise propelled

The aircraft engineer says, "It's actually very simple indeed

- tremendous noise brings anything up to speed”

If everything works right, the airplane emits noise in all four cardinal directions

And the pilot points the plane’s nose according his personal discretion

He ramps up the fuel to noise converter from ‘piano’ to ‘fortissimo’

This eventually makes the aircraft go

Does the noise level become sufficiently high

The aircraft autonomously begins to fly

If, once airborne, out of a sudden the noise grows less

The pilot might start to feel some stress

Because less noise means less propulsion due to the lack of sound

The aircraft is now earthward bound

Fact is that noise does not just work for gadgets having flying features

It also propels many of us ground dwelling creatures

And the essence of the story tells us simply and soft

Make a lot of noise if you want to stay aloft

© Krimpi 2023-03-18


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