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Soulmate |

He is my soulmate. I wear a terribly cliché smile as I'm writing that. Ha, cliché. That's something he hates. Anytime I say anything that comes near anything a character in a romantic movie would say, he makes his funny face. He scrunches up his nose and jerks his head back. And usually, that is when I start laughing. And then we're capable of going for hours, days, years, eternities.

But anyway, I drifted away from the main topic. Yes, He is my soulmate. He is…..everything. At least, he's my everything. I simply cannot imagine a life without him. I mean I tell him everything. Everything! From the ridiculous gossip to the darkest secrets of my weird family. He simply knows it all. As simple as that.

He is beautiful too. Not handsome, not hot. I mean, he is hot. But what I mean is that he is beautiful, inside and out. He's the kindest person I know. He's patient ( though he would strongly deny it if you brought it up), and he always takes the time to talk to people. It doesn't matter who you are or what you look like. He will always take the time to get to know you. That's probably the thing I like the most about him. Because let's be honest. We all like to pretend we never judge people on appearance. It's a fact, no one can hide from it. But somehow, it never even occurred to him to do so. But he's beautiful on the outside too, mind you. The way his blond hair curls, and rest on his tanned skin. The way he smiles, speaks, stands. All of him is beautiful. You might say I say this because I'm in love with him. But no. I mean, obviously I'm biased. But seriously, anyone with good eyesight would find him breathtaking.

Of course, he's not my soulmate because he's handsome. That's ridiculous. No, he's my soulmate because he gets me like no one ever does. Sometimes we don't have to say anything, and we understand each other anyway. He's mine. Simply, and beautifully.

© justeblue 2022-07-22


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