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Rocks On Your Heart - Part I

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Rocks On Your Heart - Part I |

It is funny how sometimes we cannot notice the most obvious things right in front of us until they hit us right in the face.

A couple of years ago I discovered this song by a rather unknown German artist, called Eva Croissant. I could not tell why, but her song was stuck in my head from the first time I heard it. I do not even like the sound of it. To be honest, it reminds me of the soundtrack to a Barbie princess movie.

No, it was the lyrics for me. The name of the song itself is mind-blowing. Dein Herz trägt Felsen,German for Your heart carries rocks. Damn. Thatalone made me hold my breath.

The thoughts keep catching up with you / At the end of the day you are tiny small / The day becomes the night / Reality becomes a dream

(orig. Die Gedanken holen dich immer wieder ein / Am Ende des Tages bist du winzig klein / Der Tag wird zur Nacht / Die Wirklichkeit zum Traum)

Hmmm, why does this sound so familiar? I was today years old when I realized that the song that I related to so heavily was entirely about depression. Why the hell did it take me almost 10 years to notice that? Let’s be honest. It was really on the nose. The hook goes:

Your heart carries rocks / The pain is sweeping your ways empty / The gray eats your days / The dust leaves a veil on it

(orig. Dein Herz trägt Felsen umher / Der Schmerz fegt deine Wege leer / Das Grau frisst deine Tage auf / Der Staub legt einen Schleier darauf)

I mean, come on! How much more overliteral can it be?

But that’s how some of us are, isn’t it? We would rather listen to a million melodramatic songs, spend days in bed and blame the weather, our jobs and the wrong company for everything that is going on within ourselves, before we call the real issue by its name.

To be continued…

Originally published on 12. February 2021

© BLU 2022-03-06


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