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My burning desire

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My burning desire |

That burning desire from within.

As I sit here, quietly in my own space, contemplating my next steps in life, I sense it again.

That feeling.

Starting as a subtle tingling in the area of my solar plexus, moving up through my heart space and expanding through my entire body.

I shift my focus to the visions in my mind.

I see myself in front of people, hundreds of people, speaking the truth flowing from my heart.

It´s that burning desire from deep within my soul.

Expressed as this magical sensation far beyond any concepts of words.

It dissolved, the vision changed.

I feel doubt. Who am I to speak in front of hundreds of people?

I am whoever I want to be.

I remember, I am here to lead by example. An example of believing and knowing that I can achieve everything I open my heart to.

My heart is open to inspire those who doubt themselves and their self worth.

I remember the years of relying my self worth on external validation, and that it is these shadows that pushed me forth into the light.

The sensation, it´s back. I can feel it.

My vision is happy faces and tears of joy shared in the moment with those who have discovered the core of who they are by enlightening the darkest parts of their being.




If there is a purpose to life, besides enjoying every single moment of it, then it is my purpose to help.

My burning desire.

© Helena Andic 2023-02-17


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