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Midnight Rain

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Just this last year I have decided to learn Morse code. I picked it up quickly and have been getting pretty good at it. Just one thing. I've been noticing patterns in the way the rain hits my skin. The smooth cool feel of the rain drops sliding down my smiling face as I walk is comforting. But it has started to get less and less comforting and more and more disturbing. Of course, just like any normal person, I have tried to ignore it. But it seemed to become more aggressive and….urgent??? The day has been alright. I usually go for a run after work every afternoon and, since it is spring, it rains about 50% of the time. Ever since I have learned Morse code I have noticed the rain leaves me messages. It used to say “Good Afternoon!", “Have a nice evening!”, ect. But now, ever since I got put on a new shift at work, I have had to go on my runs after dark. Now the rain says, “Don't turn around.”, “Keep running.”, “Don't go home yet.". They are very strange messages but I try my very best to ignore them. Its just a coincidence, right?Still, I'm too afraid to turn around coincidence or not. Besides, I've always been a night owl.

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