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Love Bless USA

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Love Bless USA |

(note 2024 is a leap year)

An American man called Jedd

his love life was very very busy

He didn't want to be wed

His latest flame was called Lindsey.

She tracked him to a bar HILLARY'S HIDEAWAY

She found the partisan politics a bore

But he followed the election every day

And this was 2024

She got the idea from the TV

all the political stations

her man staring enthusiastically

and from her own impatience

"Jedd you say you love me but you love the election more

if a Democrat is chosen you come to the altar with a smile

if the Republicans win I'll walk out the door"

the bartender was listening the whole while

his girlfriend was the local news presenter

and before you could say “bridal lace work”

the deal was all over the Metro Centre

the story, viral, infected the network

New York cabbies argued Jedd’s case

where Angelinos loved Lindsay the romantic

DC talk shows ignored the main race

Fox News' Sally was almost frantic

Pennsylvania released a million balloons

“Jed for Lindsay”:- a logo with gold doves

Chicago Tribune published satirical cartoons

Red voters in Carolina switched in droves

You can probably guess, come November

The Lovers could not walk down the avenue

Without having to remember

Their albatross media retinue

All plays end; even the absurd

soon the ‘X’s were all counted like kisses

Jedd was as good as his word

He lost his qualms about being Mr. to Lindsay’s Mrs.

and their syndicated wedding on Christmas Eve

the US applauded with respect

had a matron of honour you could not believe

the new Democratic lady president elect



© Chris Wright 2022-08-04


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