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Linden Yle

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Linden Yle |

A young man was closing the town’s library doors at eight o’clock that spring night.

Adam was a young fit man who enjoyed football and went to the gym regularly. He never stood a chance. One unlucky day, he found a spot on his forearm, quite large, the size of a little finger nail but green the colour of a dandelion leaf.

Next day, when the spot was the size of a thumbnail, he went to the doctor, who was not impressed:

“This has gone septic. You need to put some TCP on it.” The doctor bandaged the arm and sent him straight home:

The next brought another shift at the main desk but Adam could not move his arm and to phone in sick. Only 10am, he could not keep his eyes open and staggered to bed:

Next morning a strange voice woke Adam:

“Good morning Adam, can you hear me?”

“What's that voice? Who's there? What’s going on?”

Adam's bedroom was deserted but he could not move below the neck

“Critical mass reached. Now we can control auditory nerve. Adam, your body has incubated us very well. Thank you very much.”

“Come on! Who said that” He was baffled, helpless and anxious. ”Where are you?”

“Look at your arm. Adam” He cast his eyes down with difficulty. The spot was the size of half a cricket ball. ”Congratulations,” said the disembodied voice ”you are the first successful subject of our invasion”

“What are you talking about? Why can't I see you? How long: …”

“You can see where we live, Adam. In that spot on your arm. We are Yle, not germs. We are … alien spores if your xenobiologists had to classify us. Your very healthy physique is the perfect environment for Yle to reproduce.

Adam said “This is some sort of trick. Ian?:

The Yle have been here 2500 years. We know everything about you.

“Are you spies? Working for Putin?”

“Typical humanity,” said the disembodied voice,” always expecting bigger threats, enormous challenges, leviathans , a colossus or Godzilla, King Kong, global climate change: even your deity has to be immense whereas our civilization could fit in a suitcase.

Nothing personal Adam, to the Yle you are a … human resource.

The story doesn't end well for Adam .

Police in the town were suddenly very busy that week and took a while to find Adam’s body but he squelched into the body bag very easily.

Later Emma, the pathologist, stared into Adam’s cactus opaque dead eyes and made the classic diagonal post-mortem cuts. She only revealed a bag of bones surrounded by watermelon green mash and a rodent cage smell .

That night she missed her aerobics class with weird spots somewhere very sensitive and was off sick the next day.

Many of the users of the town library were disturbed by the condition of the books that month and particularly found the seaweed green mould very distressing.

© Chris Wright 2022-08-18


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