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The Dark Blood

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The Dark Blood |

Prologue-776 Ubocus. That was the darkest year. The great war that took place between the two kingdoms has claimed many lives. Because of concerns for the safety of the people. At last, King Atlas of Rasea and King Magnus of Dralux decide to compose peace yet with some conditions. That is, by marrying their child as a symbol of reconciliation.

A year later, precisely on the 25th clams 5 Vohisis 777 Ubocus. The wedding ceremony that had been planned by these two kings finally arrived. The grand ceremony was held at the border of the two kingdoms as a symbol of unification. Many rulers from their respective tribes came to attend the ceremony. For the first time in their history, a witch is united with a vampire. At first, it was so difficult for the tribal rulers to agree because they knew witches and vampires were unlikely to unite. But for the sake of the kingdom's safety, they finally agreed.

Many guests praised the beauty of the layout and decoration for the event. That night, the forest was decorated with a variety of fresh and beautiful flowers, a thicket of shady trees that seemed to be filled with butterflies of various colours and shapes, also filled with fireflies that were the source of light that night. The calm night wind also made the night so comfortable and harmonious.

Slowly, guests consisting of nobles, tribal chiefs and even the royal family began to fill the space. The ceremony began with a welcome speech from one of the royal councils. All the guests stood as a sign of respect when King and Queen of Rasea and King and Queen of Dralux entered the room. They sat in the front row with the rest of the royal family.

The ceremony continued with the bridesmaids entering the room along with the groomsmen. Then followed by the maid of honour and the best men. For the umpteenth time, the host of the ceremony asked the guests to stand, except the royal family to welcome the arrival of the groom. "Presenting His Royal Highness Prince Ezekiel Zeus Vermilion the Crown Prince of Dralux." The prince walked with confidence and his fierce aura made the guests not dare to stare at him for too long. The black velvet suit decorated with a red lace pattern with a bow tie and a red velvet robe makes the wearer look luxurious and elegant, and it highlights the handsomeness of the prince. He took his place between the high royal council; Lord Atticus and his brother Prince Feng who was the best man.

"Next, I present Her Royal Highness Princess Akela Asterin Salvatore, Princess of Rasea." The guests were stunned by the beauty of the princess who looked quite beautiful and elegant with a red dress covered in black organza fabric inlaid with black diamonds. Her shoulder-length hair was adorned with a tiara inlaid with rubies. In her hand was a white magnolia flower. She then stopped in front of the groom, and they stood side by side and faced Lord Atticus who will recite the marriage vow.

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