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Wisdom & Desire

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Wisdom & Desire |

When Desire and Wisdom met Destiny for Dinner, Desire said: “You think I`m a sinner, but I´ll be the winner. I`m in love with Passion and Fortune and Fame - dear Wisdom, but you seem so lame! I always feel higher, ´cause I am Desire.”

Wisdom just sat there in silence (like those who are living on lonely islands).

Desire had a new expectation (and talked a lot about vacation and travelling to another nation).

After a while, Wisdom said with a cryptic smile: “So you want to see exciting places as well as new faces. But I wonder, if you know how to go with the flow … ”

“All I want is everything, ´cause I´m born to be Queen or King!” (Desire always had great expectations, which usually caused wild complications).

Wisdom was nice and gave good advice: “For some reason, to everything there is a season. Look at the moon, it will change soon. Look at everything you can find inside your mind. The future is still unknown - this much I have shown. First stop worrying, then stop hurrying.”

Desire did not want to know: “Oh, let me mention my intention. I want the world to be my stage, in history I want my page! One day, this planet will be safe, just because I was so brave.”

“Every moment you can make a new start by listening to your heart. But the imagination of a specific expectation is a tool which is only used by a fool - so your pain will remain. Every passion is nothing but a crazy fashion until you feel love and deep compassion.”

“This cannot be my way - have a nice day! I`m under pressure, I have to search for a treasure”, Desire said, and wanted to go (not slow!).

“Oh Desire, don´t you know that teamwork makes the dream work? If you and Wisdom could only work together - I`m sure, this world would be much better”, was Destiny´s quest for the desirable guest.

© Anna Theresa Schreiber 2023-02-11


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