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Fire, fire

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Fire, fire |

You meet them when you’re trying to meet no one; when you’re trying to birth yourself again. A newborn evolving from a dark womb of broken words and broken feelings. Skin raw, heart pulsing, eyes searching blindly for the switch to turn your soul back on.

It flips on so suddenly, so lightly that you don’t recognise that you chose it, allowed it. You’ll look back and wonder how you let it happen. You knew. You always knew.

Inevitably, you give them time, your precious time. Let them under your skin, allow them space in your mind as the connection begins to dance like the flickering dawn. Energy, words, music, laughter… sparks to connect and light souls. Feelings dance like warm rain, the always-surprise that someone hears you, sees you, that they're something like you. Conversation without stutter, moments spinning faster than you can hold as they flow through your fingers like sunlight.

You are brave, braver still; fighting through the fear before it engulfs. You embrace the blazing sun and the wolf moon, the raging tide and the calm, still surface. You drink in the aura, the energy, the rarity of this beautiful damn thing. And you believe it.

Your soul breaks the surface, ripples basking in the light. You throw your demons to the shore, mocking them as you pass, embracing everything you dared to be, dared to want. Skin bared, truth bared, soul bared in a chasm of fire.

Until… thunder, as quiet and sudden as it first came, but then louder. A tidalwave of hurt; meanings falter, confused and lost in the growing storm. An avalanche of silence, words locked behind a sheet of ice. You speak but only your reflection speaks back. Thoughts echo around the chamber, unheard; broken sentences stuttering, repeating, lost.

The cliches rain around you, words strewn across the floor like bloodied feathers from battle. You saw them coming, you knew. You always knew. You step among them, burning harder with every step, molten lava rebirthing you inside out as you pass. Forever lost, a tiny flicker in the heart of ice, too afraid to burn.

You are fire. You will always burn.

© _RubyTuesday_ 2022-07-19


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